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Pricing & booking Cakes & Cupcakes

Looking for a Basic cake?
Click one of these standard options to order!

Edible Image Cake

Sprinkle CAke

Fruit and Writing

Birthday cake decorated with sprinkles
Anniversary cake decorated with fruit
Graduation cake customized with edible image

Looking for a totally customized cake or wedding cake?
Check out the form and info below!

Cake & Cupcake Order Inquiry Form

Please read ALL information BELOW THIS FORM about placing custom orders before filling out this form! 

This form is for Cakes and Cupcake quote requests!

All details will be finalized via email communication after inquiring.

Final Price is subject to order complexity and may differ from our pricing guide base prices. 



Inquiring does not guarantee that we will have availability for your order but we try our best to fit everyone in to our schedule! 

Pick up is generally around the Kentwood Area (M6 and Kzoo) 

All items are produced in a licensed facility in Grand Rapids. 

Cake Size/Serving Guie
Cake Flavor(s)
Frosting Flavor
Filling Flavor
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!It may take up to 72 Hours to get back to you so please be patient!If your looking for a super rush order please call us for availability at (616) 916-9537.

A Few More Things About Orders

  • Eenie Meenie Order Minimums: (that didn't rhyme - I'm a baker not a poet). I require a minimum order of 1 dozen for oreos and 2 dozen for cake pops! Need fewer? Stay tuned for a popup shop and holiday order announced on my Social Media pages! All cake orders are custom quoted and do not have a specific order minimum. The smallest cake we can produce is a 4 inch round (common size for smash cakes).

  • Copycats:  Copyrighted images (think Star Wars and Peppa Pig) are protected, and I won't be able to replicate them baked goods (who wants cake controversy, right?). We can make a similar color palette though - so let's talk!

  • Price Adjustments:  All prices are subject to change. Prices are often dictated by ingredients costs. I'm always trying to provide the best tasting desserts to my clients. This also means I can't honor old pricing (because the local grocery store won't honor their old butter prices - darn it).

  • Achoo! Allergies? Baked goods are often made with foods that can be known allergens. While I can do my best to accommodate, I can't always accommodate allergy-conscious orders. Please do reach out - I may have a perfect referral for ya! 

Pick-Up, Delivery, & Payment

  • Pickup Dates and Times:  Delivery and pick up times are set upon ordering. This is because other customers need their dessert fix too!  - so put that pickup in your calendar!

  •  In a hurry? While I can't accommodate all last minute orders, I will make my best effort too. Orders placed with a turnaround time of under 14 days will require a rush fee of 20% the order's total.

  • Delivery Clause:  At this time, most orders are pick-up only. Delivery can be an option if you live within 20 miles, round trip, of the pick-up location with an additional fee of $45! Delivery outside of the 20 mile radius will be an additional $0.75 per mile, round trip, on top of the $45 flat rate. I love a good drive (bonus if that drive is past a Starbucks). 

  • Payment Methods Accepted:  Credit Card (via Square Payments)Venmo and PaypalCheck and Cash (only availible upon request)

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